Online Blackjack is an online card game that involves players trying to hit 21. The game is completely played online which gives players the opportunity to enjoy the game from any location they find themselves. Online blackjack shares the similarities with the land-based casino version of blackjack. If you are conversant with the landbased version, you can transition to online blackjack with ease. The game is easy to learn for those who are newly starting out. You can learn more about this game on

How to play

To get started with playing online blackjack, you will need to create an account with a reliable online casino. This online casino must be officially licensed by a known gaming authority. The next step is to make a deposit into your newly created account. This is the cash you will use to make your bets. Some casinos also allow players to test out the game before risking any of your money. Below are a few casinos that offer online blackjack for play

  • 888casino
  • Betway
  • Betfair

The aim of every player playing online blackjack is to have a hand less than 22 and more than that of the dealer. The game starts with the dealer dealing two face-down cards to the players while also getting two cards himself. The first two cards of the dealer can be face up or face down, depending on the variation of blackjack you are playing. After this, the game is played by turns. As a beginner, you can decide to hit, stand or split.

After you are dealt a card, and you feel you need more cards, your action is to 'hit' and you will be given another card. If you feel your hand is high enough, you 'stand', and this means, you simply play without adding more cards to your hand. In a case, where you have two similar cards, you can decide to 'split' the cards into two hands. If the player goes over 21, the player is busted and loses that round regardless of the hand of the dealer.


Online blackjack strategy

Online blackjack is a game of chance, however, there are certain strategies to employ that will improve your chances of winning. The first is that, when your hand hits 18 and above, you should stand. This will reduce your chance of busting. Also, you should only split when you have two Aces or 8s. When you have two cards with a value of 10 each, you should double down. So instead of splitting, you double your bet because the dealer has a slim chance of hitting 21 to beat your hand.

You can also make use of side bets if the variant you are playing allows it. Side bets increase your chances of winning. However, there are specific outcomes you are expected to bet on. An example is betting on perfect pairs (player first two cards will be a pair). You can also bet on lucky ladies (player initial hand add up to 20). There are a few types of variations and some of them are Blackjack Double Exposure, Blackjack Switch, Progressive Blackjack and Perfect Pairs.